Swimming lessons are normal with a few precautions (Jan 2022)

We will use this week as the start date for the half term given the length of the break that the children have had from swimming despite it being part of the Easter Holidays. I hope that the sentiment is shared that the sooner we get the children in the water again the better.

Testing (Lateral flow test)

We are playing our part in getting the UK back to normal. We ask all our staff to test at the start of the week and the end of the week. This not only protects us, it protects you and the children, allowing us to act quickly and helping the government track down outbreaks. Order your free test here https://www.gov.uk/order-coronavirus-rapid-lateral-flow-tests .


Croydon High Sports Club have made lots of effort to make the site safe for everyone to use which is very reassuring.

Covid-19 Measures:
  • Only one parent to bring a swimmer or swimmers.
  • Enter the swimming pool by walking round the right side of the building, up the steps towards the tennis courts and round to the back of the pool, either Sarah or Martin will be there to see you in.
  • We may have to ask you to stand outside when you arrive (please consider weather conditions.), Feel free to arrive in good time for your lesson as this avoids congestion at the door and there has been space to sit and socially distance.
  • Please use hand sanitizer provided on entry, ideally bringing a small bottle of your own hand sanitizer, however they should be around the site.
  • Please could all swimmers come swim ready, costume on.
  • Children to wait with their parents to be called for their next session. Children to be taught to put on their own hats and goggles as the teachers will not be able to assist. We will be unable to lend goggles and hats at this time and will have some for sale, if needed.
  • Lessons will be 28 minutes long as it will allow time for a changeover.
  • The parent to please sit anywhere there is space, maintaining social distancing.
  • There are only two communal showers and a further two showers in each changing room, and up to 18 swimmers in each session. Please can we ask you to shower at home, post-swim as much as possible.
  • When changing please stand in one of the 8 changing areas per changing room.
  • Please could we ask that when getting changed that as little time as possible is spent in the changing rooms, to allow adequate time for all swimmers to change and for the cleaning duties to be carried out after the session.
  • Please follow signage when exiting the changing rooms, for the stairwell.
  • When in reception please exit via the door to the left.


We are now looking to offer group sessions to Beginner 1 swimmers. There will be 1 small class of 6 water-confident children. Water-confident is a very important point. Under normal circumstances where the teacher can be in close proximity, the teacher is able to comfort and encourage a child by manually handling them. This will not be possible at this time due to social distancing. we have decided to use flotation equipment to support the children to encourage a good body position in the water, where needed. Following work with our beginner 2 swimmers this format has worked very well.

If your child is water-confident and you would like them to re-join, then please get in contact. We have only 30 spaces to fill for Beginner 1's.

We will also offer Beginner 2 and Intermediate classes, 1-2-1's and 2-2-1's (with parent in water for support for Beginner 1 and Beginner 2, 1-2-1 and 2-2-1 sessions).


Adult group classes to restart, including beginners.

Intermediate 1 and Intermediate 2 spaces will be available in a group environment with a class size of 6 swimmers in each, so there will be a slight shortage of spaces to accommodate everyone, however, I assume that it will not be suitable for everyone to attend straight away. A competency test will be carried out on the first session to ensure that the full width can be swum unaided after a long break, in shallow water. 


Here you will find important information about our service and how we work within the local community. Our documents are in PDF format, if you would like a different format please contact us.

GDPR and data protection
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How we handle your data
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