At Croydon High School AquaSkills will run a 4-day intensive course from intensive course at Croydon High School, 30 minute sessions running between 9:00am-11am, for 4 days. Contact us for the next slot during the year.



4 days, 1st to 4th June 2021
At Croydon High, 9:00am-11am
Costs: Group class: £48
               1-2-1 classes: £120
                2-2-1 classes: £88 per child.


The hour-long starts and turns course was a resounding success in October for those Intermediate and above. Therefore, if there is sufficient interest we could put this course on again. Priced at £60 for the 4 days.

Starts and Turns:

This is for more advanced swimmers looking to perfect their dives, transition to the strokes and turns. The format will be a different stroke on each day with a recap and Medley turns on the last day. We will operate this from the deep end from the starting blocks and across the width. If there is sufficient interest we can offer an intermediate class and an advanced class, with the intermediate class featuring more heavily on the diving aspect. The starts and turns course can be taken after a normal stroke development class, we would aim to do these on a back to back basis for you.

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British Sub-Aqua Club Snorkelling class

In addition to this we are going to offer something for our more accomplished swimmers. If you have a child that normally swims in an Intermediate 2 class (widths, at the deep end) or above (any lengths class).

We put this class on last year and it was a hit. An ideal class for anyone who is planning to swim in the sea this Summer. Please click here for more details on the course:

The sessions above will be 1 hour long starting at 10:30am and last 5 days Tuesday to Friday. Each course willcost £65, there will be an award once the course has been completed successfully (at no extra cost). Spaces are limited for this course.

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